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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cultivating Courage

Song - Save Me by K.D. Lang via @youtube

Actually I am no longer in Santa Fe but I am many miles up in the air heading home!!! Yipes!

For me, just getting onto an airplane is "cultivating courage"! We just crossed over the Grand Canyon but of course all of the people on the right side of the plane got to see it....guess which side I'm on?

Not the right!

After an incredible week of painting in Santa Fe, I still had not spent much time in the little town. So this morning after packing my car and trying to balance the weight between my two suitcases, I took a drive into the town plaza. I parked next to the mission which is the oldest church structure in the US (1600's) and I walked by the oldest house in the West....below..

.....then onto the Loretto church, which was very impressive. Especially because the bells were going off at a nearby church and it was so exciting.

The staircase there is considered to be a miracle and if you look up the story, a carpenter arrived after hearing the nuns prayers.

He arrived with only a saw & his donkey. After 6 months he disappeared without being paid and he left behind a beautiful spiral staircase without any support that carpenters today do not totally understand how he did it.....some believe it was Joseph.

I however happened to feel a pull to Mary, I lit a candle, said a heartfelt prayer and sat in wonderful spiritual least until the bus tour showed up!

Then I headed to the plaza and the galleries.

It was the balloon festival week beginning today in Albuquerque so I was advised to leave for the airport very early as cars tend to park on the freeways to watch thousands of hot air balloons ascend.


It didn't happen because the winds were too high.

So I had a few hours at The Petroglyphs Park before returning my rental car.

"Santa Fe is the artiest, sculpturest, weaviest and potteryest town on earth?"
-- Journeys
Jan Morris

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