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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Breakfast of Champions

OK. I'm not fond of flying but I do appreciate the marvelous places an airplane can bring to me. It has opened up my world!

I am....truly getting better each time but I am still terrorized. Every time I step over that threshold onto the plane, I am painfully aware that I am making a conscious decision to take a risk. I remind myself that the benefits will be worth a few hours of fear, a few extra gray hairs and I remind Mr. B that the fingernail marks in his thigh will heal in time. He is such a sport! He hardly even screams anymore.

So we got to the airport a little early and Mr. B wanted coffee and I wanted/needed/had to have a gin & tonic.....and....well it was only 10 am but after all we were on vacation. Right?

OK, I needed two gin & tonics at 10 am to get on that plane to Scottsdale. I also had my "Pema Chodron" calming tapes to listen to and a screaming baby two rows up. Maybe that was me or else I just empathized with him.

I landed safely in Phoenix and kissed the ground and the pilot.

Location:SF Airport

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