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Friday, October 21, 2011

Diamonds on the Soles of My Shoes

Guess who was in town last night?

And guess who got great tickets?

But just try and guess who got to go back stage after the concert?

And what would you babble about if Paul Simon looked you directly in your star struck eyes and asked you what you thought about the concert?  Mmmm...

Well, several months ago, I asked Mr. B if he was interested in going to a Paul Simon concert at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. He replied that he had already seen him several times and wasn't too interested. So I just dropped the subject. But you know how the old saying goes - when God closes a door, he opens a window?  Well my "window" is a great friend who, well...let's just say her son has "connections"!

My friend (KB) called several days ago and asked if I would be interested in going to see Paul Simon with her.

Of course I would!

Are you kidding?

So we decided to take BART in early so we could have dinner at Oliveto's, then take a taxi to the Greek. It was a beautiful starry evening and her son perked us with some great seats.  The concert was incredible with Paul doing a mix of old reworked songs along with some of his new music. He and his band came out for about three standing ovations and we danced and sang along with our favorites.

Once the concert was over KB's son asked if we would like to go backstage to use the restroom.

Well why not since the line was a mile long outside?

We were like fish swimming upstream. While everyone else was trying to get out of the concert & head home, we were trying to get to the stage & thru security.

But once we passed thru those magical doors, we were in another land.

Beautiful lighting was strung across the outdoor veranda with purple & orange Italian piazza lights. There were hundreds of Chinese paper & silk lanterns that were hung high overhead. There was a bar and a fabulous spread of food (but who could eat at a time like this?).  There were about 18 couches arranged into a multitude of small intimate areas and large torches all around. It felt a little like being in the Arabian Nights, if I had ever been there...I'm just sayin'.

I'm not even half way through my glass of wine when I see KB's eyes get as big as saucers.

Paul Simon is behind me talking to a group of people. KB decides that this is the moment to thank Paul for mind goes blank.  I'm going to be right behind her and I can't think of a thing to say. He looks friendly enough and happy to meet each person that comes up to him.

Alright......I can do this....(gulp).....I should think of what to say....I'm next and my mind is blank and before I can blink, he is shaking my hand and looking into my eyes. I fumble but recover with a quick "nice concert" I said "beautiful concert", I think.  Maybe I said "How's your mother?" I don't really know because now the moment has passed and it's the next persons turn.  His hand was very soft and warm. I do remember that. And he wore a Pork Pie hat. He is short but has a presence about him.

My moment is gone and I did not even say anything profound to the man who's music I grew up with and adored.  On the ride home all I could think about was what I could of, should of said. Oh and his soft, warm hands.  And his beautiful eyes. And how special it is to bring such a creative gift to the world.

Thank you Mr. Paul Simon for your music and for making me feel like I had diamonds on the soles of my shoes for one special evening.

"Listen to the sound of silence." - Paul Simon

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