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Friday, September 2, 2011

Andy & Ashley & Tahoe


We are finally on vacation in Tahoe. I drove up with our two dogs on Friday morning, August 19 and my oldest son Andy & his girlfriend Ashley came up just a little ahead of me. They came over to my house in the morning & helped pack the cars. They insisted on doing the big grocery shopping once we arrived in Tahoe as I had the dogs in my car. They joyfully cooked Mr. B and me a wonderful breakfast the next morning.  We went to the beach, played cards, sat on the deck at the cabin visiting, cooked meals together, enjoyed looking through junk at the flea market, hiked to Angora lake, went to lunch at Fallen Leaf Lake and I taught Ashley how to throw a frisbee straight and play Canasta.
On the other hand Ashley taught me how to let go of my grown son just a little bit more because she showed me that he was in kind, loving hands. I cried when they had to head back to the Bay Area.
I also learned to see Andy in a whole new light.  Amazing to watch your children grow up.
Thank you both for the joy you brought with you to Tahoe!

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