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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bee Happy

Bee being happy....

Yesterday a friend mentioned something she had recently read that had stuck with her....

"You are one thought away from being happy"

 Mmmmm... Does this mean I just haven't come up with my perfect * personal** happiness thought yet or that maybe it's not about the thought but something deeper? 
*Clue 1 
**Clue 2
Today I came across this poster in Pinterest and I figured it was a "sign" for me to do a little excavation on the subject.

Is there a difference between being happy and being fulfilled and maybe, just maybe happiness is not something that you "work" on and obsess over but you relax and enjoy the bumpy journey because happiness is right in front of you, should you choose to look?

In Susan Krauss Whitbourne's article in Psychology Today she states "The question to ask is not "Am I happy?" but "Am I making a difference in the world?"

Garden Zinnea

A wonderful source of ideas on happiness that I recently stumbled upon is - The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin at  I especially liked the quote by Brene Brown - "For me, working on being happier is all about making sure that I'm heading the right way on that journey. I believe (professionally and personally) that self-worth plays a critical role in happiness. It's hard for me to be happy when I'm perfecting, pretending, pleasing and proving myself. I'm too exhausted."

What makes you happy?

A Very Happy Dog Playing in the Surf at Carmel
 And remember -

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”  
- Oscar Wilde

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