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Monday, April 11, 2011

Trains & such

11 - Monday
TGV to Tours for a tour of the Loire Valley
#1- no taxi from hotel
- run (yes - RUN) to Metro
- run (yes -Really Run) to TGV. Can't find train. 
- no one in 3 different "info" booths
- get on 1st car of train just seconds before it leaves
- try to walk thru moving cars to Voiture #19 
- it's 102 degrees inside
- we are all stripping & dripping
- cars end at Voiture #11 and no way thru
- nice man tells us that TGV made a mistake & no more cars were added
- nice lady tells us to go sit in the dining car & have a drink
- TGV ticket man says it will only be 15 min. until the next stop and then we can get off and then onto the correct car
- we are hot & tired so we just stand & try to balance - gracefully
- we heard the conductor wrong & what he really said was 50 min. which turned into  60-70 min
- Jackie felt sick because she was riding backwards
- arrive in St. Pierre where car is reserved at Avis but our ticket has a connecting train to Tours. Oops!
- opt to stay in St. Pierre & get car because we just can't bear to get on the train again
- find Avis office - No English but lots of hand gestures, bad French & smiles
- Car is a stick shift and I haven't done that in 30 years
- figure it will come back to me just like riding a bicycle
- all is well at Villandry
- lunch gulped down at  because we are on a schedule
- trip to Chenonceau had a detour because of a overturned semi-truck (not on our map)
- trip back from Chenonceau has a blocked road due to construction
- Jackie asks construction crew when we can get through
- he says we should be on the other side of the river...somehow Jackie understood his hand gestures
- no time to fill car with diesel 
- return car to Avis Gare St. Pierre
- lie about gas as we really didn't use that much
- take taxi to Tours where our TGV train leaves for our return to Paris
- now sitting in station @ St. Pierre
- were we not just here?

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