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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rocking in the Real World

June and Lily  - my two nieces' daughters
June couldn't love Lily enough...her very own baby doll!

Easter Sunday....thank you to my dear brother, Tim and my incredible (and I do mean incredible!) sister-in-law, Donna for having the whole Crawford gang over to your wonderful home and beautiful garden for a relaxing day.....well at least for the rest of was relaxing! It is amazing how having a few young children around, lift your spirits and gives you that pause of wonderment! 

Calvin and Tim dropping the Pinata

 "April in Paris" Rose.....from Donna's garden

Dad, me & Tim all in pale yellow shirts (unscripted!)

I was greated upon my return, by my garden
with a wonderful bloom of Sweet Peas, Lilacs, Wisteria, Roses, Iris, Climatis, Dogwood......


Bearded Iris


However, after being home for a week now, I need to say how much I miss my traveling buds, Jackie and Syd. Both sisters and wonderful, fun, intelligent, creative friends!  Jackie got a "bonus" burlap dress for buying two coats.  It reminded me of the "I Love Lucy" episode when Ricky, Fred, Ethel and Lucy are all in Paris and the two girls want a "runway" dress but the guys suprise them with "designer" dresses and hats made of burlap.  Well after a good laugh, we left it in Paris!

And Sydney with her Parisian Flea Market "deal" that she carried over her head to get onto the Metro, then
spent two days and probably quite a few Euro's to bubble wrap, tape and wrap her purchase for traveling.  She carried it to the airport and had to go to several "oversized luggage" desks to transport it home.  Luckly she had found a discarded box that already said "tres fragile" on the box!  So determined and sweet!  Thank you both for such great memories and great times!

Sydney after 30 hours of travel and still a smile on her face at the airport

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