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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Gardens, Whales & Bunnies

The last two days have been busy on the island of Nantucket. On Wednesday my girlfriends and I went on the 34th Annual Home & Garden tour in Sconset.  It was another dripping hot-humid day but it was so much fun to see the decor & history of some island homes.

It went from one end of the spectrum..... the other....

It was an all day affair and when we returned home, I finished my second painting for the week. Then we dined on Lobster rolls from Sayles & watermelon-feta salad.  Yum!

Thursday was spent in several museums as it was raining with thunder & lightening......and still dripping hot!

One of museums was of the islands famous Lightship Baskets. We listened to a basket maker named Jerry Brown (yes the East Coast one!) talk about his style of weaving. Unfortunately they did not allow any photos inside but look what I found in their garden below!

Next we headed for the Whaling Museum in old downtown. 

A reconstructed whale hanging from the ceiling 

The light from an old lighthouse 

Scrimshaw done by sailors on whaling boats. 

We headed back home and I began a new painting then at dinner time we drove back into town to have dinner at The Languedoc which was both relaxing and delicious! And on the way home we were treated to bunnies running amuck on our property!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Hats Off to Nantucket

I am enjoying my fourth day in Nantucket with two dear & fun girlfriends.  Even with the craziness that summer tourism brings, the Island locals are a very welcoming & out-of-their-way nice!  I am smitten.

We spent the morning picking up supplies for the house and then heading to the beach which is less than 10 minutes from home. It was so refreshing to wade into the water and cool down.  We drove home wet & sticky. 

At home we had cold showers outside & after lunch we all settled into our various creative projects until it was time to drive into old downtown.  

We realized that we all needed hats for the beach so before dinner we headed over to Peter Beaton’s Hat Studio which I had read about before coming here because his hats are quite famous on the Island AND he makes traveling hats! 

The hat I purchased is The Sconset Hat similar to the one in the upper right corner but with a wider ribbon. The young salesgirl showed us how to fold it in half and then roll it up for travel....really!!!

We had dinner reservations at a locals favorite - Queequeg’s!  It was not only delicious but it had air conditioning!  The best!!!

Tomorrow we are heading to Sconset for a Home & Garden Tour!  I just found out that one dresses up for these occasions....wish me luck in this heat!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Speedy & Window Boxes

So this is Speedy....

I came out of our driveway in Nantucket this afternoon to go to get some groceries for dinner and found this little guy heading across the main road which is dirt.  

I got out of the car thinking that I would stop traffic for him but he tucked in his head and wouldn’t budge an inch.  I was tempted to carry him across the road but I do know that some turtles carry disease so I decided to watch for traffic from my car.  

And Speedy just zipped across the street in no time and into the bushes looking for a cool pond nearby. 

Earlier in the day we had driven into old downtown Matucket to shop.  Every window box was full of beauty. 

And I forgot to tell you but there are little brown bunny rabbits everywhere, Flickers, Hawks & amazing Red Cardinals which I had never seen before but have seen at least 1-2 each day!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Here Comes the Sun

Hello from Nantucket - Wish you were here!

Lovely day at the beach and a little drive to Sconset, the dinner at home with an incredible chicken salad by chef Jackie,   

I will see if I can grab the recipe for you!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Rain Drops Keep Falling

What to do on a hot, humid, rainy day in Nantucket? (it was 98% humidity)

Paint! Knit! Make some beautiful jewelry!

This is from a reference photo I took yesterday in Hyannis Port. Still need to do a few final corrections but I was pretty happy to be able to paint today while Sydney knitted and Jackie designed some bracelets.

This morning as soon as we got up we headed into town to do our grocery shopping. It was muggy out but felt like it wouldn’t be quite as warm as yesterday.  We brought our groceries home & fixed a yummy lunch of tomatoes, carrots, broccoli slaw, various cheeses, deli meats, olives & sliced baguette.

Then we headed to the art store to get me some Turp (can’t fly with turp) and to a bead shop for Jackie to buy some supplies. Then over to Sayles Seafood Market & Cafe to buy something for dinner as we did not want to turn on the oven!

Everything outside has moss and lichen growing on it

A little wren looking in my bedroom window

I decided to sit outside in the fresh air to paint but by the time I had gotten everything set up some big rain drops began to fall so I came inside & set up in the huge mud room.  Just as I had begun to paint, the girls talked me into painting in the dining room with them where there was a nice cross breeze. We all enjoyed our creative pursuits until dinner when we had fresh prawns with a delicious cocktail sauce & creamy clam chowder & salad.

A storm approached and we had some thunder & lightening while we had chocolate chip cookies & discussed restaurant ideas for tomorrow.

Tomorrow we head to the beach!

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