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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Pecking Order

Song - Blue Jay Imitating Red Shoulder Hawk Call

The crows have been taking over our little neighborhood for the last few months.....and I don't like it!

On Sunday there must of been about 25 of them flying overhead and landing in our trees. Just at the point of peak noise, a hawk flew low across our patio and deck and headed straight toward them! He did it about four times and we figured that he was just trying to retake his favorite lookout tree near the creek.

He/She has a nest in the Oak trees above our driveway.  When we went to get in the car later that evening, Mr. B noticed an adolescent hawk dead on the driveway beneath the nest.  That must of been what the attack was all about.

I don't really like the hawks because they kill my songbirds and doves but they are majestic birds and have amazing life energy.

The other day I heard a hawk in the bushes while I was out watering the garden and as he hopped onto the deck railing I noticed that he wasn't a hawk at all but a Steller Jay!  I had heard that they sometimes mimic other birds but I don't remember hearing one before.  It was spot on! If you listened to the "song" above you will see what I mean.

On Saturday we had a little Green Heron on the dead trees near the creek. Those dead trees sure do attract a lot of birds! Luckily Mr. B & I were reading on the back deck and spotted him.

 He paused long enough for me to run inside to get my camera and tripod. He was looking up and down the length of the creek.

He observed the moon for awhile........

Then flew off for other adventures.......

We have had a couple of Spotted Towhee's in our side lawn area and although I have not had the opportunity to photograph them yet, they look a lot like this grosbeak above.

When I do get a good photo I will share it with you. 

 Meanwhile, right over our front door I have been noticing a lot of debris and assumed it was our gardener who blows the front porch weekly. But several days ago when we come in or out of the house, we have noticed a bird flying away from the area and looking up......there is a little nest on a two-inch piece of molding above the door. 

Hi little Mama Bird - just what made you pick that spot? 

She is welcome to it for a few weeks.  I have now posted notes inside and out to use other doors if possible.

 Just this morning as I was filling my bird feeders I spotted a Snowy Egret down in the creek looking for something to eat.....

He wasn't too sure about me hanging out and snapping photos of him so he slowly.....

....gracefully....walked further down the creek where he could eat in private!

"Something opens our wings.  
Something makes boredom and hurt disappear.  
Someone fills the cup in front of us. 
We taste only sacredness."  

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