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Sunday, May 28, 2017's a Pirate Faire


We had breakfast on the dock at our hotel.  Beautiful morning on the River Dee on a three day weekend here (bankers holiday on Monday) in Chester and next door is the Royal Rowing Club with lots of boats in the water this morning!


Traveled from Chester to spend the morning in Conwy & Llandudno in Wales today.  They are both seaside towns with a rich history. Amazing Castle that we were able to walk all over, up & down, along the walls, etc.,  built by King Edward I around 1283.  But.....

It was a zoo getting in and out of the town due to the holiday & children here have a week off school on holiday. 

Oh yeah....and it was a pirate fair!

Kids and parents were dressed in appropriate Pirate costume and we were thinking that they were way into visiting the castle until we saw this sign on the way out of town......


I accused Mr. B of fooling me.  Remember it's in Welsh like all the signs we saw here. 

After visiting several other Welch towns we headed back to Chester, England to walk around the Roman ruins and take a boat ride down the River Dee to hear a little more about the city's history.  


We passed our hotel (the brown buildings in the back of our hotels floating beer pub) which was extra busy due to it being a Sunday. They do a thing in Britain called Sunday roast and people are dining all day long on Sunday.  

Then we walked through olde town to see the half timbered buildings and the Eastgate clock.  


And the Roman ruins - below is the Roman garden but there is also the Roman amphitheater and walls. 

Heading to Liverpool tomorrow and The Fab Four Tour!  Just because... we grew up in that generationa and I loved it!

Word of the day - because we ran into so many signs about badgers crossing the freeways in Wales = mochyn daear

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  1. Funny, we are watching a DVD on the Roman invasion of Britain, but we paused before they got to Wales. So thanks for the great pic of the Roman ruins. I guess they made it there, they were pretty ruthless and successful. We learned that before the Romans the Celtic tribes all over "Britannia" spoke a language like that weird Welch.

    I'm enjoying your posts! Keep 'em coming


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