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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Boats, Planes and Bats

Song - Take Me Out to the Ball Game by Crazy Uke

On Monday morning, Mr. B and I drove over to the city and the first boat I noticed was "Little Toot".  I just love tug boats but I really don't know why. Just look at that massive ship it is guiding under the Bay Bridge.

And then we parked next to this little ship that I couldn't even fit on my camera from across the street. We met our good friends, Jodi and Chris at a restaurant near there.

And this is one of the last boats that I noticed.....quite the deal.  Hot tub, BBQ and cooler all while floating in McCovey's Cove.  And you probably guessed why we were in San was the Giant's home opener!!!

The jets for the "fly over" circled while the cast of Hamilton sang the National Anthem.

A humongous flag was unfurled and you could feel the vibrations of the planes coming closer as the song ended.

And once they are over head and pass you by, the sound is deafening, exciting and fun!  Go Giants!

Let's Play Ball!

The usual cast of colorful characters were there.


Hunter Pence without all of his hair.....

Buster Posey......

And.....see that bald head in a suit?

It's Barry Bonds back on the team as a special advisor to the CEO.
You just have to trust me on this one because I forgot to take his photo when he had a standing ovation so I looked through all of my fan photo's and this was all I could find....

Willie Mays and Willie McCovey, Kruk and Kype were there as well.

The Giant's won the opener 4-1 against the Arizona Diamondbacks!!!

Beautiful day with Mr. B and friends.  I even got a sunburn!

"Little League baseball is a good thing because it keeps the parents off of the streets."  -- Yogi Berra

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