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Saturday, January 28, 2017

An Invasion

Song - Bird on a Wire by Willie Nelson

Saturday at noon we were invaded..... a little Chickadee....

And a Cedar Waxwing.

Then two.....

They came to pick the ripe berries off of our Privet tree.

They hung upside down to find the perfect berry

And they came by the hundreds.....

No wonder why we have Privet seedlings coming up all over our garden!

Yes.....I'm talking about you Mister!

Two Waxwings each with a mouthful !!!

A Robin tried to join the berry picking but left shortly after he arrived... these guys had taken over!

This guy has hair like Woody Woodpecker.

Can you tell that I was trying to avoid work and chose to be entertained by these flying beauties?

Because Friday was so calm in the trees..... 

Did you spot him?

"The early bird gets a choice which, to me, 
is more important than the worm itself."

--Stacey Alcorn

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