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"Figuring out our gifts in life is part of our journey to becoming enlightened human beings.” – Allison DuBois

Monday, May 16, 2016

May Girls Trip

Song - "These Are The Days" by Van Morrison

For the last ten years five women and myself go on a weekend trip together.  Since this was our 10th Anniversary, we decided to spend 4 days in Lake Tahoe.

Our cabin was far enough away from towns and roads that we only heard the sound of Tahoe lapping gently against the shore and an occasional breeze through the trees.

We had a pier and a white sand beach!

We were very close to heaven!

You can see the "cabin" peeking out from the pines.

Zen rocks were all around.

Snow was on the mountains around us but it was sunny and warm on the beach - I came home looking somewhat like a lobster!

We read, relaxed, painted, took photo's, did needlework, laughed, ate some great food, walked, shared stories, slept in cozy beds, played games, meditated, breathed in the mountain air and enjoyed each others company as well as some solitary time.

At times there may have been some dancing and singing going on......but my lips are sealed!

Barn Swallow with beautiful colors

We did some bird watching.....

Do I spot a white head?

Yep.....a Bald Eagle flew over the lake looking for dinner!

Nothing like enjoying a hot tub with this view!

Every morning I enjoyed the sunrise from my bed.....

Will we go back to this little spot of paradise?  I don't think we can wait until next year! Love all of these wild women!

"Each person's perspective contains a pearl of wisdom, but this only becomes apparent when you string them all together."
--Thanks for being part of the necklace of my life. – Joanne Taeuffer

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