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Friday, September 25, 2015

New Place of Business

I am now conducting my business from a new location......

It's the only place I can get internet!


And here some are my new associates....

Peaty - a new up & coming associate who can help you clean out your bread drawers!

Peaty 2 & 3 - Jr. Associates of Peaty 1 who is teaching them how to give me that know the one....."I'm both cute and starving". I have to say that they keep me entertained for hours each day!


And my story would not be complete without the villan.



And a beautiful critter he is! Mr. B spotted him on the way home from the beach.


** Side Note: My connector from my camera to my iPad isn't working so once I download my photos onto my laptop, I then have to take pictures of my photos with my iPad. Confusing but it works.


PS - I love my new office space!


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