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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wild Women

Song - That's Right You're Not From Texas by Lyle Lovett & His Large Band

On Tuesday evening Mr. B took me to a lovely restaurant.  The food was exceptional as were the drinks.

Light and refreshing on a warm summer evening.  Guess what this was called?

.......the Lyle Spritzer.

Now you might think that this is a funny name for a drink unless you look closely at the menu and take note of the first cocktail offered - a  Lovett Old Fashioned.  And if you put the two together, you might think we were going to see Lyle Lovett and His Large Band at Wente Vineyards. 

And you would be right!

But first Apricot and Berry Tart with Lemon Verbena Whipped Cream. It just melted in my mouth.  We actually had an incredible 4 course dinner but we were enjoying it so much that I forgot to take photos. You can just trust me on that one!

For my birthday in June, Mr. B gave me two tickets to see Lyle Lovett & His LARGE Band and it was the perfect evening under the stars.

I have seen Lyle a number of times and what is always so striking to me is what a "gentleman" he is. Not sure if it's a Texan thing or if he was just brought up right! He has this incredible dry sense of humor.  He has 13 other people on stage with him and shares stories about each one.  Funny little tidbits that had the audience rolling in the isles.

One of my favorite members of his band is Ms. Francine Reed who grew up singing in her local church. Click HERE to get a sample of her style with Wild Women!

 This woman sings with great passion and you can just tell that she enjoys it with her whole heart and soul!

Lyle did as well and as he encouraged each musician to share in a solo portion, he just grinned on like a proud papa!

 Thank you Mr. B for the great tickets and for being my wine Sherpa for the evening!

"Women always go through the door first. Even ardent feminists would admit it's nice. It's not an acknowledgment of women as the weaker sex; it's perhaps an acknowledgment of women as the stronger sex." --Lyle Lovett

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