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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pilgrim Route

Day 14 - Yipes!


We left Rocamadour this morning and headed to Saint-Cirq-La-Popopie.

Then onto Conques which is another pilgrim stop for many heading on to Santiago de Compostelo in Spain. We saw many pilgrims heading along our route towards their next destination. Pilgrims have been doing this route since the 1100. Young and old they are making the journey.






Cute little friar was doing a talk outside the Church. We were in the shade having crepes & salad for lunch. It was all in French but he was so animated that I couldn't take my eyes off him. Instead of a lazer pointer he used a mirror from his pocket to show the crowd different aspects of a carving above the churches front door. Then he pulled out a cane and showed the antique use of walk, as a crutch, to sit upon,to place up against a bad guys neck, etc. he had the French crowd howling!

Judgement day...heaven on our left and hell on our right.


A house Mr. B is considering. Needs work! It is leaning just a little!



Ah and here is the money machine to buy the beautiful home with. Unfortunately our card didn't work!!!




Our lodgings for the next two nights in Estaing. Lovely reception, room, meal and across from the Lot river!




A castle & church on the hill across from our room.



Bon nuit !




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