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"Figuring out our gifts in life is part of our journey to becoming enlightened human beings.” – Allison DuBois

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

If Aspen Trees Could Talk....

OK, OK, OK.  I know what you are thinking. 

Jeanette has gone off her rocker.

But just wait a minute.

Great eye, right?

After a month in the mountains without much to do but relax and enjoy nature, your mind gets to thinking.......


Confucius says......."sit back and enjoy a moment of silliness"

A surprised eye!!!


These two are joined at the hip!

One eyed man blowing smoke rings

Ancient Hieroglyphics

A Bear scratching tree

Everyone needs a hug now and then!

EYE see you two hugging over there!

"I see them hugging too, how about a big kiss?"

A one eyed alien critter attacks tree in Tahoe!

Take a hard left & go straight, until you come to a Y in the road

Somebody got a light?

Oh dear.  How did I get this stick in my forehead?

Ring around the rosy.....

Frankenstein or stitches?

Mom said she had to take my temperature before I can play

There is a bear with sharp claws in the forest

OK.  I know I'm not an Aspen BUT that's gotta hurt!

Home Sweet Home for mama & babies


  1. That is the cutest blog ever!!!

  2. Did ypou see the eggplant on the news the other day whose seeds in crosssection spelled "god?" Funny how people think God's in something only if they see his/her/its name spelled in english! Great blog, Jeanette.
    Missed you at the Fourth, but had a good Bondo-fix! He looks great. Love to you both.


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