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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Emerging From the Mountains

Song - Sugar Mountain by Neil Young

Lupine in a meadow near Fallen Leaf Lake

Mr. B, Mika and myself returned from the mountains on Friday evening.

An Evening Grossbeak

It felt like we were leaving too soon.

A female Tiger Swallowtail

After all, not everything on our list of activities had been done.

I mean we didn't even hike to Lemonade Lake or play Putt-Putt golf yet!!!!

"Mr. B can't we stay at least two more weeks?"

But I knew we had to leave, mostly because of several art commitments that I had in the Bay Area.

I cried a little.

My new "Electra"

Mr. B bought me a cruiser bike for my birthday and I had fun driving around the cabin.  At least until I had to go uphill.....without any I ended up pushing Mika and my bike up the hills.  Andy and Mika took a spin over the weekend.

She looks like she is his co-pilot and on watch for bumps in the road!

Ashley chose to ride solo - It kinda makes you feel like a little kid again! Can't you just see it in her smile?

Butterflies were in abundance this year!

Now that I have settled in it is nice to be home and return to my own bed, my garden, friends and family but it's also quite a shock!

The clarity of Lake Tahoe near Zephyer Cove

Now the mountains at home are the mountains of laundry, dishes and "to do" lists!

Sunset from Sunnyside

As always, great memories of Tahoe!

I want to thank my parents and grandparents for having the foresight of treasuring this beautiful lake and spectacular wilderness!

            "How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!"
         --John Muir

PS - Mama Robin had 4 babies while we were there.  She was a busy lady feeding her little ones!

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