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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Moving through the Void

My big brother Dave passed four years ago today. 

He was one of those guys that lived life to the fullest no matter what the consequence.  Can't you just tell by those well worn tennis shoes and that mischievous smile?

He was way too young, as he was only 59 years young.... but that was not my call to make.

And he was beautiful.

Dave and me at Mom & Dad's 50th Anniversary

He is more in my heart and soul now than when his body was here. We have conversations daily.  He brings me comfort.

Dave and my younger brother Tim

I have read and believe that when you are finished with what you were put on this earth to do, you pass.  And although I do not know exactly what he was here for, I know it was important.

Candy, Ryan, Katie, Brandon, Dave, Katie holding Cal and Brandon holding June.

He brought laughter, tears and joy to his family and friends.

He loved to play practical jokes.  So many were funny (when it was someone else) but some were painful if you were the target of his prank.

He did leave a huge void in our lives.

I mean who will be the prankster now???? We need some spirit in our lives!

Mom....Tim....Katie????  OK June, tag, you are it!

Love and miss you Dave -  Thank you for being a part of our lives!


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