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Friday, April 4, 2014

A Night in Napa

Song - Freddie Freeloader by Miles Davis

Thursday evening Mr. B and I mixed it up a little....... 

You know how you get in those ruts where you come home from work - well, Mr. B comes home from work, I am already home from work because that's where I paint. 

He does a crossword puzzle to decompress and I walk around the garden to see what has happened since my morning walk.

We sometimes have a glass of wine, talk about our day, prepare dinner and watch some TV. 

Pretty routine.

But Thursday night a group that I paint and show with - Bay Area Studio Artists - had an opportunity to attend an event up in Napa at Chimney Rock Winery.  We have been talking with the manager about doing an event there ourselves and he invited us on up to have a look.

The current artist showing there is fairly famous - Clifford Bailey.  He does a lot of musicians, waiters, chef's and diva's.  Mostly with a flavor of the 1920's


Clifford was there doing a painting demo while yummy appetizers (duck salad, wild boar in polenta, cheese stuffed eggplant, etc.) and great wine were passed around. 

 Mr. B treated me to a little painting entitled "Travis" but he just doesn't look like a Travis to me so I have renamed him "Clive"! 

As we were leaving I noticed how beautiful the vineyards and mountains were in the evening light.

The grapevines are just starting to send out shoots.

Afterward, we headed over to a friend's restaurant in downtown Napa - Oenotri for dinner and it just topped our evening!

It felt like we had taken a mini-vacation.

Now why don't we do it more often????

"Respond to every call that excites your spirit." --Rumi

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