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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Opening Day 2013

Song - I Left My Heart in San Francisco by Tony Bennett

On Friday, Mr. B took me and some friends to the Giant's Home Opener.

While driving over there (I think we were on the Bay Bridge), I mentioned how I just love the "fly over".

Every year the Blue Angels do a low fly over just before the game begins.  It is so exciting, loud, thrilling and then they disappear within nano-seconds.  It's as close as I will ever get to going on a roller coaster.  But this year, Mr. B informed me that due to military cuts, NO fly overs anywhere.

Well....this was our fly over this year.....

I felt like Meg Ryan in the movie "French Kiss" when her stolen purse-backpack is found empty and she just keeps stomping her foot and saying "shoot, shoot, shoot".

So I was a little disappointed.

But the weather was great, we enjoyed our wonderful friends and we met half of our home town there!

The Jersey Boys sang the National Anthem.

Grace Slick & some of Jefferson Starship sang "God Bless America" and "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".

(Just exactly when did they get so old????)


Zitto was pitching but I was so busy, I forgot to take a photo of him.

Posey was catching and I took a lot of photo's of him.

But before the game, the 2010 and 2012 trophies were placed on the field and the Giants ran thru them to a round of applause!!!

Then the SF Fireboat that Mr. B and I rode on several months ago, brought the 2012 Championship Flag to the ballpark.

The players passed the flag from player to player and then they raised the flag.

I cried.

Not sure why but a lot has happened this year......

I am a sentimental sucker for tradition.

McCovey cove was filled with all kinds of party boats.

Even the more colorful fans!

Fans were dressed to kick some Saint Louis behind.

And my bud "Romo" was there to save us in the last minutes......

 And guess what?

We won.  1 - 0

Posey - Romo - Crawford - High Fiving after the game...

We hit the 21st Amendment which was packed so we walked on down to the Embarcadero to Red's Java House & the Hi Dive.

Fun was had by one and all...

 “There are three things in my life which I really love: God, my family, and baseball. The only problem - once baseball season starts, I change the order around a bit.” - Al Gallagher

Monday, April 1, 2013

Just Hopping By

Song - Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens

The table was set, the flowers smelled wonderful, food (lot's of food) was prepared, the silver was polished and the place cards where set and even though it was supposed to rain, we woke to beautiful blue skies on Easter morning.

As I debated on weather to move the tables outside, the big gray clouds rolled in and made up my mind for me!

Mom let me pinch a couple branches off of her Dogwood tree to add some height to my Tulips.

We had bushels of beautiful Lilacs in full bloom.

And Mr. B cooked the biggest, best ham I have ever tasted! It was over 20 lbs. and took over 5 hours to heat through.

Friends and family arrived with babies, armload's of food, flowers and smiles.

They were greeted with a Mimosa bar.  Mmmmm....which I had to sample while helping to cook because I wouldn't want the Mimosa's to not "flow" properly!! You know how that can be.

After Brunch, the fun began.  We headed into the backyard to watch the kids hit Grandma Betty's traditional Pinata filled with toys and candy for the little ones.

Two year old Jackson gave it a good try.

My nieces two children, June & Calvin both went after the Pinata with gusto!

Junie getting some pointers from her dad, Brandon

Direct hit!

Calvin finally busted it up with a mighty baseball swing.
Then it was time for the adults to have a little fun.  My dad hid plastic eggs in the front yard while no one was looking.  Each one had a number inside and when you presented Cal Sr., with your number, he hands you an envelope with money inside - yep, real live money!  Now sometimes it's only some spare change and other times it is several dollars.  Of course there is also the "Better Luck Next Time" note as well......

My dad is looking pretty good for a temporary Easter Bunny huh?!

We enjoyed "coconut nests" filled with Jelly Bean "eggs" baked by Ashley, brownies from Katie & a wonderful fruit Cobbler from Mom.

And then.....the sky opened up and the rain came pouring down.  The guys pulled out their electronic games and Calvin was very generous with sharing his new birthday game with all of us!

Happy 6th Birthday Calvin!

Hope your day was filled with friends and family!!!

"An Easter bonnet can tame even the wildest hare."
   ~Unknown Author

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