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Monday, January 7, 2013

Singing in the Rain

Song - Singing in the Rain by Gene Kelly

Love, love, love the energy in this painting!

The whole time I was painting it, I was thinking of titles.




SF wins the NL Championship 2012....mmmm....

But after it was finished and I had a chance to photograph it for the new show at the Lafayette Gallery and really look at what was happening, I came up with "Romo - Singing in the Rain". 

I then went online and checked out other sources and discovered that I was not the only clever one around. 

Several newspeople dubbed him with the same title.  Can you believe that?

One even had Sergio hanging on a lamp post with Gene Kelly!  Both had their mouths wide open and were happy and in the rain.

Oh was original in my head but......some smarty pants beat me to the punch line!

"There were so many great moments ... You can't just really pick one." - Sergio Romo

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