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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Doggie Update

Thanks so much for those of you who have been emailing & calling about my two doggies, Mika & Max.

They both went to the vets today and Mika still has noisy lungs but not pneumonia.

Max's numbers are not good but I can see a difference in his energy level.

Mika never acted sick but Max went from not eating and sleeping all day to jumping on me in the morning because he wants his breakfast NOW!  I even caught him running to play with Mika!!

So they are now resting in the laundry room right next to my computer after a long day at the Vet's.

Old King by Neil Young

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Climbing Trees

Song - My Father's Eyes by Eric Clapton

I know I have been absent for awhile but I have found this new "obsession".

It is actually an old obsession that I just picked up again in the last few weeks.

When Mr. B and I were first married, I was fascinated to do some research on both of our family trees.  I interviewed all of the relatives and began combining notes and bits of papers with information written down. 

But back then everything was by "snail mail" and it would take forever to get birth certificates, census reports, etc.

Guess what?

You will be amazed........there is this new thing called "THE INTERNET"!!!

It is so incredible to find family members.....FAST!

The St. Paul - the ship my dad's family took from England to Canada

You can Google map homes your relatives lived in because their address is on the Census report or birth certificate.

My dad's parents lived here when he was born.

Or you can find photos of the church your grandparents were married in, or little country towns that they worked in the fields as farmers.

St. Jude's Church in Montreal, Canada where my dad's parents were married

Santa Maria in Cloz, Italy where my mothers family was from

It is just absolutely amazing.

I think I have a tiny problem because I can't seem to stop....even for meals....Mr. B has to cook and clean and do the laundry now!

Crowcombe, Somerset, England where the family were farmers

You travel through different countries and history.


Census Report

Sometimes a little detective work is needed to make sure everything links up.

And sometimes it's difficult to decipher old handwriting. 

BUT.......sometimes there is a surprise in your tree......

This little guy with a smirk on his face is my dad.

This woman was his grandmother, Sarah.........and through her family tree I made a discovery the other day.

We have a wee bit of royal blood in our family!

Yup, my 11th great grandfather was King Edward IV!   Like in the KING OF ENGLAND!

So even though the Crawford Castle is in ruins.....(sorry dad), we still can say that we spent a little time in 1474 building this......

Windsor Castle

Take a bow!

A Fun Way to Get to Know Your English Royality.....
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