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"Figuring out our gifts in life is part of our journey to becoming enlightened human beings.” – Allison DuBois

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Leaf Peeping

Song - When the Leaves Come Falling Down by Van Morrison

Mr. B and I have been so busy with Thanksgiving preparations that we have not walked around our garden for the last few days.  The other day I noticed that our October Glory Maple Tree in the backyard was still somewhat green but yesterday it had already been lit on fire by the crisp Autumn air.

The Japanese Maple tree in our front yard is framed by my kitchen window, so I have been watching her turn colors slowly.

Momijigari from the Japanese momiji, "red leaves" or "Maple tree" and kari, "hunting", is the Japanese tradition of going to visit scenic areas where leaves have turned red in the Autumn.

I wish you all a wonderful and heartfelt Thanksgiving.......

"The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself."  ~ Henry Miller


  1. That maple is BEAUTIFUL! Have a great turkey day!

  2. How lucky you are to have your own stunning trees. You don't have to go to Arch Street. Happy Thanksgiving from me and Dean to you and Mr. B


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