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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Willie Mac

 Song - I Left My Heart in San Francisco by Tony Bennett

Mr. B was invited to meet Willie McCovey Monday evening and was allowed one guest.....hahummm......that would be ME!

We were at the AT&T Park that evening for a reception that Mr. McCovey would be attended and gave out gifts for people who had donated money to the Giants Community Fund which supports the Junior Giants and other worthy causes. 

Willie McCovey began playing for the Giants in 1959 when he was 21 years old.

Doesn't he have a wonderful smile?  So genuine. So calm.

After the reception, the "key people" (that would be Mr. B and not me) were escorted down to the field for the opening ceremony. 

I did a little shopping and moseyed down to our seats.

We had invited some friends who met me and together we watched Mr. B walk out on the field (in a BLUE shirt - whatwashethinking?) and get presented to the fans along with taking a group photo with Willie Mac.

Mr. B watching to make sure I can see him

So far the evening was going beautifully.

There were fun people in the crowd.

But then the sun started to go down and it got cold, really cold.

And the Washington Nationals got a bazillion runs by the 4th inning.

Now we are really not having fun. We never leave the games early as it's a tradition. You gotta have faith.

But my friend Diane and I decided that if the other guys got one more run then we would go home, have a glass of wine and light a fire.  The guys decided on one more out. That didn't take too long. 

On the way home my friend Jill sent me a text about "Did Willie remember you"......and suddenly I remembered that she and I went down on the field at Candlestick Park many years ago during our single days.

It was photo day but no one knew what that was, so we and a small group of people went out on the field and met the players, got autographs, sat in the dugout and acted like big shots for about an hour.  We had put a Gardenia in our hair and posed with Mr. McCovey.

Tomorrow I am going to dig up those old photos and remember when.

PS - Final score was  Nationals 14 - Giants 2 - ouch.

If it's a tie......
"I'd walk me."- Willie McCovey on how he'd pitch to himself.

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  1. Can't wait to see that photo of you and Jill on the field with Willie. Dean will enjoy it too!


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